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About 1000 Philanthropists

Philanthropy is derived from a Greek word, which loosely translates to mean, the love of mankind. If we think of it that way, then it becomes possible for each and every one of us to become philanthropists!

The 1000 Philanthropists (1000P) programme is an initiative by Singapore Children’s Society that began in 2014 to unite our supporters over the years into a special league of their own and recognising the significant contributions made by our top-tier donors. We want to connect like-minded people together into a framework to celebrate and honour their unwavering faith in our cause.

Often, philanthropy is associated with the ultra-rich and fancy fund-raisers. We are here to tell you that is not always the story. Our most ardent supporters over the years come from all walks of life. This goes to prove that one need not amass a fortune to be philanthropic. You can just be an ordinary person with an extraordinary passion to help our children-in-need. And for that, it would mean so much to us to have you on board our 1000P programme. We are grateful to have Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo Chee Hean as our Patron for 1000P.

Come On Board & Be Part Of Our 1000 Philanthropists Programme!

With your annual donation, you can choose to be a:

Patron Philanthropist
with donation of
and above

Leading Philanthropist
with donation of
$10,000 – $29,999

Participating Philanthropist
with donation of
$1,000 – $9,999

About Singapore Children's Society

Singapore Children’s Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. Established in 1952, its services have evolved to meet the changing needs of children.

Today, Children’s Society operates more than 10 service centres islandwide, offering services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children and Youth, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.

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Our most ardent supporters over the years come from all walks of life